Property Insurance

Insuring your property is an essential part of your home purchase. Without arranging buildings insurance to cover damage to the property, you will find it almost impossible to obtain a mortgage. Although lenders don’t insist on it, it’s also sensible to get contents insurance to cover any loss or damage of your belongings.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

I offer help with finding the most suitable home insurance for your particular needs.

Insurance premiums can form a substantial part of your monthly outgoings, and shopping around can really save you some money. On the other hand, the cheapest cover is often cheap for a reason. What you really don’t want is to find out your insurance cover isn’t adequate when it’s too late.

The most suitable deal, without the catches

Many lenders offer insurance as part of their mortgage package, and I’ll help you decide if this is a good deal, or if there are better options obtaining it separately. Combining buildings and contents insurance from the same provider can also result in substantial savings.

Together, we can talk through options such as:

  • Indemnity or new-for-old policies. The former covers you for the current value of the item, taking into account depreciation and wear-or-tear. The latter will pay for a new up-to-date replacement for the item – though the price of the premium reflects this.
  • Accidental damage. Many policies include this, but not all. Dropping the paint down the stairs might turn out to be expensive if you haven’t opted for this.
  • Cover for specific problems, such as power-cuts. For example, an unintentionally defrosted freezer could cost more than the food if it damages the floor.

I’ll also help you look through the policy for any important exclusions.

Decide how much help you need

Like my mortgage, utilities and life assurance services, my home insurance services are ultra-flexible. Just decide how much help and involvement you want from me – I can do everything from just pointing you in the right direction, to managing the whole process. Or anything in-between!

To chat about your home insurance needs, give me a call or contact me. I’m really friendly (once I’ve had my morning coffee!) and won’t pressure you into anything.